Visalia, Bakersfield and Fresno

I went to an Odd Fellows’ conference in Visalia, California. It was the first time I had gone to Grand Lodge.

The sessions were mainly centered around the business affairs of the Grand Lodge.

They gave out book bags at the registration desk.

This is Dave Reed’s banner. He explained what everything on the banner meant. Unfortunately, I’ve already forgotten but I like that big Shazzam bolt.

This was on the final night when Mel Astrahan was installed as Grand Master. That’s Mel, with the fringed collar, second from the left. The ballroom was filled with California Odd Fellows’ glitterati that night. Ernie Olson is in the red dress with the fringed top. She’s the new president of the Rebekah Assembly. Peter Sellers is down on the far right in the front row (with a red tie) and Barry Prosk stands behind him in a suite and red tie. I can’t go into too much detail about the Grand Lodge because I’m not supposed to so I won’t.

On my way to Visalia I drove through Bakersfield and found a nice theater.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day to take pictures.

It was a Fox Theater with a big tower. The word FOX runs horizontally on the tower and the clock is square.

The box office is along the front and is part of the support system for the long marquee.

There was a Fox Theater in Visalia too.

It had a tower like the one in Bakersfield but the word FOX goes vertically on this tower and the clock is round.

This box office supports the tower above.

They were able to get lots of information on the plaque but they somehow failed to include the name of the architect.

Then there was this place in Fresno. I didn’t get great pictures because of the diminishing light.

It was in great shape though.

uh, it was a Warners Theater, I’m guessing.

This is Mel’s banner. It looks like there is a big powder puff in the middle but it’s a Tribel. A Tribel like the ones in the TV series Star Trek.


Note: I have a book coming out in the latter half of 2018 from The History Press titled: The Architects Who Built Southern California. It will be 10 chapters with each chapter devoted to a different architect (or architectural firm) including: Harrison Albright, John Austin, Claud Beelman, Elmer Grey, Hudson & Munsell, A. C. Martin, Meyer & Holler, Julia Morgan, Morgan Walls & Clements and Alfred F. Rosenheim.