Frederic Roehrig’s Hotel Green

The Hotel Green, which is also known as Castle Green, had an open house on June 2, 2019. The architect of the hotel is Frederic Roehrig.

This is the brochure handed out at the event.

It has all the information you would ever need to know about the Green Hotel.

The hotel looks idyllic and inviting on this postcard.

Here’s an image of G.G. Green. This image is from Men of the Pacific Coast.

Here’s the hotel on a postcard.

The brochure was full of information.

You enter the grounds of the Hotel Green through this long sidewalk.

The building has a wonderful entrance. It doesn’t disappoint.

This is the lobby. Right inside the door.

The view from the first floor landing of the staircase.

Looking into the lobby from the north.

Looking into the lobby from the south.

There are three large public rooms south of the lobby. This is one of them. It’s the Main Parlor.

This statue was located in the Moorish room. I want it.

The elevator wasn’t in use during the open house. I would have loved to ridden in it. For the experience, of course, but the building has six floors and the steps were exhausting after my initial excitement.

Only one condo had a sign posted with the words “no photography.” Even so I didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures inside people’s residences so I didn’t take any.

The doors to the condos are very simple. I like them.

There was a display case with Hotel Green artifacts and this was one of them. Is it a chamber pot?

This was also in the case. I want this plate.

On the first floor landing was this beautiful print of the establishment.

On the top floor was this wonderful light fixture.

The east building was torn down. It looks out of place to me in this postcard view. Maybe, because it’s built right up to the sidewalk and the massing of the building is too overwhelming?

Here’s another very pretty view on a postcard.

I found this image in Western Architect. It’s the same image that’s on one of the previous postcards.



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