Ventura, California

There was an Odd Fellows’ instructional session up in Ventura, California that I attended. It was held at the Ventura Odd Fellows’ lodge on Main Street. The lodge is in a nice, old building with a vertical sign out front and the three links above the doorway. The first floor of the building has shops while the lodge is on the second floor.

The Ventura Odd Fellows’ lodge building.

Ventura is an old coastal town and I found the building below to be particularly impressive.

It turned out to be a Morgan Walls & Clements building. I should have known. They’re an architectural firm that I’ve always been interested in.

Some detail on the Bank of Italy building.

More detail from the side of the building.

Down a couple of blocks from the Bank of Italy is a mission.

It’s the Mission San Buenaventura.

A wedding was happening inside the mission so I wasn’t able to take the $4 tour. I bought this postcard to soothe my disappointment.

This sculpture was on the building next to the mission. He looks like he’s from the 1930s and sculpted by Eric Gill.

So, I was walking down a side street and stumbled upon this.

I’ve always liked Perry Mason.

I turned on Perry last night just to take a photo of him and my favorite episode was on: The Case of the Nebulous Nephew. I would let Raymond Burr defend me.

There were lots of nice old Victorian style houses near the beach.

There’s a big pier too.

Me almost on the beach. I would like to live in Ventura but I was told by one of my Odd Fellow brothers that it’s a rather expensive town to live in so I remain an Angelino.