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I had a short (500 words?) essay published in American Bungalow magazine recently. It’s titled, “Just because you ignore me doesn’t mean I hate you.” It’s in the back of the magazine in a recurring column called From Our Friends.

My short story appears in this issue.

My short essay appears in this issue.

American Bungalow isn’t like most magazines where the inside content is available FREE on-line. No, instead you actually have to buy a copy of the magazine or subscribe to the online version. I like the magazine mainly because of the photographs of bungalow interiors and I look forward to receiving the magazine knowing as soon as I open the cover I’ll ignore everything around me for, at least, an hour.

I scanned it and uploaded it. If you click on it you can read it.

I scanned it and uploaded it. If you click on it you can read it.

After re-reading my story I’m not sure if I’ll ever get used to seeing my words in print but I am happy American Bungalow published it.

This hangs in my bedroom.

This hangs in my bedroom. My book, The Odd Fellows, was published on December 16, 2013.


A letter to the editor was sent to American Bungalow. I’ve attached it below.

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